Do We Offer Free Hearing Tests?

This question is asked often. With the exception of special events and community outreach initiatives, we do not typically offer free audiological assessments.

And, this is why...

The auditory system is complex. Proper tests are comprehensive. Our assessment appointments range from 45-90 minutes long - they are not screenings. Appointments include full results review, recommendations, counseling, testing of current hearing aids and/or prescription for new hearing aids. Comprehensive written reports are sent to referring physicians and third-party payers. See BCASLPA for more detail about screenings vs assessments.

Audiologists are university-trained professionals with a masters degree or higher who perform audiological assessments and advanced site-of-lesion testing on all ages. A substantial commitment of time and expertise is required before, during, and after, any appointment. Charging for our assessments accomplishes two things:

  1. It compensates the clinic and the audiologist for services and recommendations provided.
  2. Allows us to keep the cost of our hearing aids and professional fees competitively low for those who need them.

It does not matter if a person has normal hearing or has a hearing loss - everyone undergoes the same test protocol. Therefore, we charge equally for equal services. Unlike other clinics, our hearing aid sales are not used to subsidize the costs of professional time spent with individuals who do not need, or want, hearing aids. Our philosophy is that people who need hearing help should not have to pay more for hearing aids so "free" testing can be offered to everyone.

What does a comprehensive test with clinical interpretation and written report cost? See examples below:


$ 91.65+

$ 100.00

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