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Tosha R. Hodgson, is your local Audiologist and 100% owner of Rockwell Audiology.

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On October 3rd, 2011, I quietly opened the doors of Rockwell Audiology Inc. This was no small task. I am a veteran audiologist, but I was new to the province, unknown in Vernon's medical community, and attempting to launch a completely independent audiology and hearing aid services clinic from scratch amid a collection of chain hearing clinics. Rockwell Audiology Inc. has never been owned or financed by any hearing aid manufacturer or third party. Flying solo, there have been many challenges and lessons. I am grateful that I am still standing, still growing, and still learning.

I have met fabulous clients, physicians, professionals, and community members here. It has been a pleasure working with NexusBC to create the Rockwell Audiology Instrument Loaner (RAIL) Program for low income seniors. The support from family doctors, ear, nose, throat specialists, and the Health Unit has been fantastic, humbling, and sincerely appreciated. It has also been a pleasure collaborating with Auris Hearing Loop Systems. Hearing aid wearers often struggle to hear in public venues and places of worship. Together, we have donated hearing loop system equipment and installation labour to Halina Seniors Centre, NexusBC, The People Place, and Vernon Restholm.

October 2016 also marks my twentieth year as a nationally certified Audiologist. Audiology is a great profession. The advances in hearing science and technology evolve often. We used to adjust hearing aids using tiny screwdrivers to turn trim pots. Now everything is adjusted by computers and Bluetooth connectivity between hearing aids and wireless devices is the new norm. I can remember the first commercially available all-digital hearing aid being introduced in 1996 during my final post-graduate year in Western University’s audiology program in London, Ontario. This year the first hearing aid capable of connecting to the internet using a free web-based service called IFTTT has opened up a new world where it is now possible to turn on your lights, start your coffee pot, and get a weather report in your ears just by turning on your hearing aids in the morning. Yes, really.

Tosha R. Hodgson, B.A., M.Cl.Sc., Aud(C), RAUD, RHIP
Reg. Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Practitioner
Owner and Director, Rockwell Audiology Inc.

Looking for Hearing Loop Systems installed in our community? Click the universal Hearing Loop sign!


Rockwell Audiology is officially introducing new Hearing Aid Service Plans starting 01-OCT-2015!

Hearing aid costs consist of two main elements:

  • The device and
  • The professional service required to accurately fit and maintain that device.

Recognizing that different hearing aid wearers have different service needs, we are introducing three new Service Tiers to offer clients customized professional service plans to best meet their needs, lifestyle, and budgets. These plans are not hearing aid leasing programs - clients own their aids.