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Looking for Hearing Loops in the Okanagan?  Bookmark this page!

Hearing Loop momentum is growing! A huge THANK YOU you to all the facilities in our community that have recently installed hearing loops! They are a tremendous help to hearing aid wearers - we've had many clients comment on how effective and helpful they are.

Kudos to Auris Hearing Loop Systems for working so hard at "Looping the Okanagan" and beyond. Keep up the fabulous work Dave Moore and crew!

Never listened to a loop system before? Test drive the Hearing Loop installed at Rockwell Audiology!

If you know of any public venues, places of worship, clinics, retirement residences, health clubs, funeral homes, banks, etc. where hearing aid wearers have difficulty hearing because of distance or sound reverberation, a hearing loop can be a fantastic and cost-effective solution. Hearing loops can be installed just about anywhere. Theatres, places of worship, arenas, vehicles, ticket-windows, reception desks, and homes.

Call 250-540-1172 or e-mail david@aurisloops.com or contact us and we'll help you get the information you need! See below for places that are "In the Loop!"

Thinking about leasing hearing aids?

We looked into offering hearing aid lease programs back in 2013. Details about the program can be found here: www.hearingaidrental.ca

Calculating the difference between purchasing hearing aids outright versus leasing over a period of three years revealed a significant difference in overall investment cost. Leasing hearing aids may be appealing due to its low upfront costs as well as exchange and upgrade options. However, hearing aids generally last longer than the 3-year lease agreement if they are maintained well and used properly. Leasing hearing aids is really no different than leasing a vehicle:

  • If you intend to regularly upgrade your aid(s) every three years, leasing may be a good option.
  • If you intend to carefully maintain the aid(s) and use them as long as possible, buying outright is more cost-effective than leasing.

We recommend people take the time to fully understand a hearing aid lease agreement. A direct cost comparison should always be done to make an informed decision about the overall investment difference. We have sample calculations on hand for anyone who wishes to review some comparisons.